What makes a leader a great leader? Often times, I find myself asking this question. As someone who was thrust into a leadership role for the first time, I’m still struggling to get a grasp on how to handle presidency in the best way possible. I’m not forceful and imposing like Adolf Hitler (contrary to popular opinion, I think he was a great leader in his own right. But, that’s an entry for another day.), nor am I a charismatic fellow like Winston Churchill. My only ticket to fame is my comedic wit and a slight mastery of public speaking and even the former is a bit iffy, since somehow I make people tear up when I crack a joke.

I see none of these qualities too in my fellow peers. There’s no Teddy Roosevelt amongst us to pacify us, no Napoleon to draft plans and be a master tactician, and definitely no Atilla to suppress foes in the most brutal way possible. What we do have, however, is a new wave of leadership bringing with them unique blends of leadership.

I suppose we can liken this blend to a cappuccino. The base espresso is our core, rich in flavor and experience, brewed under immense pressure from the turmoil of life. By itself, it’s already a great drink, but it lacks something. That’s where the milk comes in. In a cappuccino, the milk comes in two forms: steamed milk and milk foam. The steamed milk is the lighthearted nature of the next leaders: like milk, they add the sweetness and goodness to their constituents. The milk foam is our dedication, overflowing to the brim like the passion inside them. The result is a perfect blend of resolve and kindness, something that modern-day leader’s lack.

The future of our country rests on the youth, as Jose Rizal once immortalized in his quote. And even though we millennial have been looked down by society, branded as lazy and such, we digress. I believe that the youth possess the skills and principles that one should have as the head of the state or something. We might not be the next Gandhi or Lincoln, and we probably won’t even get to reach their shadows, but we can’t call ourselves men and women if we don’t try.

By Gerard Angelo Samillano

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  1. Jef Menguin

    i also believe that we must have the right mix. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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