Nation. Youth. Hope.

These are the three words that always come to my mind whenever I’m dreaming about our country’s future. Dr. Jose Rizal once said, “Youth is the hope of our nation.”

The question is, are we really?

It is no secret that today’s youth is involved in several hostile societal issues: teenage pregnancy, sex extortion, robbery, even in usage of illegal drugs, and many more. Perhaps, if you will ask someone to describe Filipino youth today, they would probably give you a negative description, right away. This explains why some sees no hope for the country’s future on the hands of today’s youth.

As a youth, I certainly believe that we are more than just what other people think about us. We are more than just those people who agitate if their latest Snapchat post is not on ‘fleek’, like what others perceived. We are more than just ‘gimikeros’, ‘party goers’ and style conscious ones, like what others see. We are beyond what our age says. We have such capabilities we could use to be called as young superheroes.

Nation. We, the youth, are the Nation. We comprise it and dubbed as nation builders. We are the backbones of our country. We have a role in shaping our country’s future.

Youth. Youth is the age of struggle, dream and idealism. It is a period where we can do more work because we are still physically and mentally strong. Hence, we have the ability and capacity to contribute to a huge development.

Hope. Our minds as youth are heaped with fresh ideas of such innovations. These innovations can make a difference. We can create new trends that could bring hope to future generations.

Being young should be about discovering ourselves, being free and enjoying life with loved ones. This is an exciting yet a challenging time, as we are maturing and preparing ourselves for the next opportunity on the horizon. It is the time for us to be empowered and become whoever we want to be. It is the time for us to choose our identity for a positive change.

We can choose to be like Superman, the Man of Steel, so we can fight back the bullets of our country’s enemies: the civilians or the terrorists.

We can choose to be like Batman, so we can be brave and bold enough in making positive decision towards our actions.

We can choose to be like Iron Man and fly high with our dreams for the Philippines.

Barring these, we can choose to be our own superhero. This is through becoming a youth leader and being an ambassador of transformation so we can make this world a better place to live in.