Youth is a time of life when a young person has yet to become an adult. In other words, it is the teenagers that comprise almost a quarter of our population. Given their large share in this nation, they play a large role in the development of our society. As Jose Rizal said, “Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”, they have been tasked of cultivating and preserving our motherland. They will be the one to solve the social issue that afflicting our society. They will be the one to make our country’s economy prosper. They will be the one to build our future. Shouldering these responsibilities, can the youths in our country really make these things possible?

However, a large portion of the youth is not getting an education due to various reasons like poverty. That’s where the adult comes in. They have been tasked to provide support to the youths while they are still in the pre-mature stage. They will be the one to implement values in the characters of the youths to not only make them academic excellent but also a responsible citizen that will abide in the law. That’s why there is a government so that the adults can properly guide the youths by providing help for those youths that have financial problem.

The fault in this problem now lies in the youth themselves. They are already provided a path to their future from the government, but they are still refusing this, so that they can live leisurely in their lives. The product of this thinking can be seen in every street in our country, they are called “tambay” by the people because they had nothing better to do. Furthermore, many of our country’s youth are involved in many different crime activities like drug addiction, prostitution and illicit sex.

There are so many ways to overcome these problems and one of it is through youth empowerment. Youth empowerment is a process where the youths are encouraged to take charge of their lives. That’s why each of them must be given opportunities to participate in community life and capacity building and it is their responsibility to make use of such opportunities in bettering their lives. This is the duty entrusted to them by the next generation, that’s why they need to stand firm and make these thing possible.

In short, the youths have each unknown capabilities that has yet to be polished and these capabilities is the key to heal our dying land. They need to discover their own role in this society to unlock the better future that is waiting for us. It is proven that each of them is a powerful agent that can change the wicked future. And now I’m addressing this to all young people in the Philippines, “Are you up to this challenge?”

Author: Joshua Ramos