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by | Jul 23, 2017 | Masterclasses |

It is crucial that you train your leaders to train your people. Train the Trainer Masterclass will help your leaders build confidence and engage all kinds of audiences.

Give your leaders the practical platform skills and confidence they need to succeed. Make new training technologies and learning methodologies be available to them. Give them the opportunity to hone their skills in facilitating adult learning.

Train the Trainer Masterclass put the latest training tips and trends at your leaders’ fingertips. They’ll become facilitator of learning, not just a presenter.

Leaders who can train open a workshop with confidence and close it with a wrap-up that guarantees learning. They’ll create training programs that has the logical flow from segment to segment. They’ll learn how to boost retention with the latest adult and accelerated learning techniques.

More importantly, your leaders will learn how to train to meet business objectives. In this three-day masterclass, leaders will practice customer-centric approaches.

If you’re new to training, a subject matter expert that needs to train others or a trainer who is looking for new, more effective approaches to learning, this is the ideal learning experience for you.

You can bring Train the Trainer to your organization. You can use this program to solve real-world problems while they are in the classroom. We design this training to become one of the most relevant, practical, simple, and doable train the trainer program you’ll get from the Philippines. You’ll get our secrets to designing and delivering high-impact training programs.

Compass Center for Leadership

At the Compass Center for Leadership, you will partner with an Asian consulting company that brings together disciplined people who value disciplined thinking and disciplined execution. People who are socially-conscious and who make real change happen. We offer learning experiences for leaders that go beyond the traditional methods and mindsets.

We work with leaders so they can create, sustain, and scale results that really matter now and in the future.

We bring together thought leaders, industry practitioners, and human-centered facilitators to help you accelerate change in individuals, teams, organizations, and the society where we all live in.

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