With the emergence of a global market, the sales competition can admittedly be cut-throat. Your competitors are now not only limited to those near you—customers are now able to easily purchase even from a different country.

It’s a huge struggle to look for new customers. This is why when you’re able to close a deal with one, it is important to hold on to them and to build a long-term business relationship.

The challenge is: how does one make a loyal customer out of a potential client?  Sales Force interviewed almost 7,000 companies worldwide. Their research, entitled State of the Connected Customer, revealed the best three things that you can do to convince your customers to stick to your brand:

                 Give them a satisfying customer experience

                 What makes a good customer experience? Being able to provide what the client                             needs at their convenience. The State of the Connected Customer reports that more                     than 60% of customers shared that a consistently good customer experience                                   strengthens their loyalty to the brand.

                 How to do this: A good customer experience starts with engagement; basically                             making the clients feel that they are being tended to. This starts from the moment                         they enter your store or send the first e-mail. You don’t necessarily have to keep                             them entertained the whole time. As long as you’re able to address every need in the                   least amount of time, you’re good to go.

                Show your interest even after the business transaction

                Companies should approach customers not with a mindset of selling one-time                                transactions but with the intent to build long-term business partnerships. This is why                    engagement shouldn’t end after one transaction. It’ll take additional effort to maintain                  relationships but you’ll be able to spend less and earn more in the long run.

                How to do this: As mentioned earlier, you do not have to keep an attentive eye on                        your customers at all times. Simply greeting them or sending them small tokens on                      important occasions would suffice. Providing exclusive offers and discounts can also                    do the trick.

               Guard their data well

               Almost 80% of customers admitted to be willing to give personal information in order                   for the companies to tailor-fit their products and overall experience. However,                              disclosing their personal information means that the customers trust your company to                guard it well. If you’re able to guarantee anonymity of their data and that these data                      will not be used for purposes other than what you inform them, you can surely earn                      the precious trust of your clients.

              How to do this: First and foremost, your company must have a solid privacy policy. To                avoid gray areas, you must always remember to get the explicit consent of your                              customers. Constantly acquiring their consent increases your customers’ trust because                you’re giving them the power over which information they want to disclose. Lastly, you                must be transparent with how, when, and why you will use your clients’ personal data.

Being able to deliver all three things above will do wonders for your company. Keeping your customers satisfied not only keeps them loyal to your brand but it also gives your company free marketing. The Customer Experience Report revealed that one out of every two customers would recommend a brand because of their excellent customer service. Nearly all of these satisfied customers prefer to use the word of mouth to pass on the news.

In a nutshell, it all boils down to Newton’s third law of motion: with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. You just have to set your mind to do all that you can to serve your customers well and in return, they’ll give back the value that you have shown them.