You have the enormous potentials to become big. So be big.

Be like the first seed in this story.

Fear will not make you safer. Fear will not make you grow. Fear is not your family. Fear is not your friend. Fear only satisfies itself.

To become the better version of yourself, to be totally free, you have to let go of fear. Embrace courage. Start something small. Take small steps everyday until you learn to trust each little step you make.

In my life, I realized that I am the average of the everyday activities that I do. I started stretching myself out. I frequently go out of my comfort zone. Fear still visits me. But I don’t let fear sleep in my house. I do not listen to fear when it tells me to stay where I am or not to do anything new.

I do not allow fear to guide my way. I am free and I will keep it that way.

Jef Menguin