Now that you are a supervisor, do what effective supervisors do.

From Staff Member to Supervisor is a two-day masterclass that will equip supervisors to be ready to take on any task, excel in their jobs, and adopt habits and mindsets that will quickly get them up to speed.

This high-impact and highly interactive leadership learning experience will help supervisors avoid common pitfalls of new roles and responsibilities.

Supervisors will create a new game plan for growth. They’ll learn how to establish credibility as a leader. They’ll develop legal awareness to act and behave in compliance with workplace laws.

They’ll learn to use tools that will help them adjust behavioral style that will give them a more winning edge. They’ll learn how to give and receive feedback to build successful coaching relationship.

Newly-promoted supervisors with less than one year of experience in this position; process and production supervisors who want to enhance their effectiveness through supervisor training will benefit most from this masterclass.

We encourage you to bring From Staff Member to Supervisor to your organization. We can customize this masterclass so you can use this to address your real-world challenges. We can examine real-world situations so your new supervisors will learn how to handle future problems.

We use customer-centric approaches in designing and delivering our masterclasses. We tap practitioners so you can get practical, relevant, easy-to-apply ideas and tools.