“I feel so small.”

“As a simple individual, I doubt if I can make a difference.”

Surrounding us are people who, we might think, are far greater or more capable than us. We are repetitively put into occasions of being ignored and rejected while others are given much attention and are most applauded. Given that some are more capable than us, we think that even when it comes to leadership, we are way behind the scene.

Feeling underrated at times, we let others’ pre-judgments define us. We allow their prejudices to degrade and to put us into the bottomless pit of yearning to be somebody else.

Many consider wealth, greatness and fame as the ingredients that create a leader. Don’ we suppose this thinking misconstrues the vital components that constitute true leadership?

Leadership lies in one’s purity of heart and in the clarity of his goals and objectives.

There are diverse kinds of leaders working for the benefit of our country or maybe serving otherwise. Just like what Aristotle said, a leader is essential in promoting order and balance over his constituents. His influence and authority never stop. His desire for a peaceful and orderly country seems a smell of sweet success and a fulfilling goal for all. But ‘how could we?’ or ‘who should be the next leader?’ remains a big question laid before us.

Society and its norms are subject to change. What made any change significant for development is the control we have to redirect where anything should be heading. A leader does the control and it means he must be responsible to where things are going and how these may affect us.

A leader thinks about what are helpful and discards what could disrupt a progress. He helps in bridging the walled perspective of a nation.

Imagine how the 16 previous presidents of our country had held the Philippines as their prized possession, as their fragile treasure. One wrong move or false decision could tantamount to its fortune or doom. The country they governed had become a vital part of their life and how they gently and intelligently played a role in it is its point of glory and survival.

In our constant search for the perfect fit, ‘The Next Filipino Leader’, we, the millennials may look up to our inheritance but must carve a new mark that is susceptible to change and suitable to the dynamically changing world.

No leader in the past was ever perfect and no leader in the future would be. A vanguard may be imperfect but naturally pursuing, empathetic, and filled with vision and initiative.

The truth is, anyone could stand as a leader. He/she could be anyone of us. We must not look down on ourselves or underestimate our capability to make a difference. ‘The Next Filipino Leader’ is in the works, and he is in all of us.

We are the young. Our warm blood is excited for something new.

We are the answer.

Let us be the answer.