Rise of the Millennials: How They Can Help

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A lot is said about the youngest generation at present—for one, American journalist Joel Stein described this Generation Y as the ‘Me Me Me Generation,” or the generation of lazy kids and narcissists. In 1990, an Inquirer columnist predicted the rise of the millennials and called them the ‘Depression Generation’.

However, though the negative aspects of this generation are often highlighted, it can be guaranteed that they also have expertise that cannot be compared to those of the older batches. Millennials, given the characteristics they possess, capitalize on personal growth and development. Numerous researches have found out that top factor that Generation Y looks for in a company is the opportunity to learn and grow. Maybe this fact is what they use as evidence for this generation’s selfishness. Could focusing on personal development be such a bad thing?

Synergy is a concept stating that the whole is greater than the sum of all its parts. Overall change is brought by collective individual effort. If each individual strives to improve him/herself, the whole group will eventually prosper.

To strengthen this argument, here are two of the best advantages empowered millennials can bring to corporations, organizations, and the whole of society:

1. Inclination to Social Advocacies

According to the Millennial Impact Report, Generation Y is highly interested and involved in large-scale issues like education, human rights, wages, and the like. The modern generation often lead campaigns and discussions to spread awareness regarding the most pressing societal issues—given the power of social media. Although this may also backlash in the form of the term ‘keyboard warriors,’ numerous Millennials can still be seen forwarding their advocacies through initiating programs and partnering with organizations for positive change.

2. Commitment to Big Time Innovation

Trends tend to change overtime. With the shifting to the digital era and the rise of tighter market competition, businesses and corporations must ride with the tide in order to excel (or to simply survive at the least). A jam-packed CV and years of experience don’t always guarantee fresh contributions to the company. Millennials, on the other hand, though may be less experienced, are more aggressive to create change and to achieve more. They can offer innovation not just in products and services but in the overall process as well.


Personal Development should not be a ‘thing’ of the Millennials alone. Everyone should invest in personal growth to not just develop their best selves but to be able to contribute the most in their respective groups. As a saying goes, ‘everything gets better when everyone gets better’.


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