No organization is perfect. There will always be people who don’t get along well or people who don’t perform well. You will always encounter people who are difficult to deal with. This is why people handling has always been a challenge to managers.

One important part of people handling is coaching. Once a manager spots an employee struggling with performance, the first step to helping this employee is to coach that person, as suggested by Susan Heathfield. When people are not meeting what is expected of them, it is the manager’s responsibility to guide them towards the proper way of doing things.

Coaching, however, is very different from simply directing or telling the person what to do. Martha Duesterhoft explained the key descriptions of a coaching approach to management. The following is what she has to say:

Coaches ask questions

As mentioned earlier, there is more to coaching than telling people what to do. Instead of directing a person, a coach is more like a facilitator of growth. A coach asks the right questions for the people to realize why they need coaching and what they need to do in order to improve their performance.

Coaches listen

A coach does not set the destination—he simply sits back and guides the person to the direction that he/she wants to go in relation to the organization’s goals. A coach focuses on the journey, not just on the destination itself.

Coaches help people fix their selves

It’s not the coaches that make change happen—it’s the people that they are coaching. As mentioned earlier, coaches simply ask questions to make people realize why they need to change.

Coaches hold people accountable

As much as a mentor wants to take responsibility for his mentees, a coach empowers people by holding them accountable to their commitments. A coach lets his mentees set their own bars, check their progress from time to time, then offer help when needed.


Coaching employees is beneficial not just for the employees but for the organization as well. When an employee is given the opportunity to take ownership of his own development, that person is more likely to take his development to heart. This will make the employees take the initiative to become better. And what company does not want better employees, right?

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