8:12 am
It was a typical morning class, and we were accomplishing pre-assessment test but I am occupied with thoughts of tasks,tests, and tons of infinite outputs from various subjects.
8:34 am
My reverie was disrupted when our Supreme Student Government adviser suddenly appeared in the doorway of our room and gave a task to me. I then delegated this job to my officers to ensure its speedy implementation. But after an hour, I saw the letter and there were no signatures of the teachers.
9:35 am
To my dismay and anger, I hastily went to the the school vegetable garden hoping to ease my anger but saw instead a tiny thing hanging from a branch.I decided to inspect further and came upon a butterfly struggling to come out of a cocoon. I wanted to peel the cocoon but knew my action would not be helpful. I suddenly remembered what our Science teacher said that a butterfly needs to undergo stages of growth in order to fully become a beautiful and strong butterfly.

It dawned on me that like butterflies, leaders must undergo stages of development in order to become great Filipino leaders.He/she must possess three important characteristics of a great leader. First,a leader must be PASSIONATE. Just like the lone caterpillar who patiently feeds itself to grow to prepare itself to be a pupa, a leader must continuously better oneself to be able to serve other people with their heart and not just for the benefits of being in power. It is vital that he/she has a vision and blueprint of where he wants to bring his constituents.

Next, a leader has to be a TEAM PLAYER or a person who works well with others.He/She doesn’t just sit down and dictates what he wants from others. A leader is open to the ideas of others and recognizes that they can contribute to the fruition of a goal and a dream.

Lastly, a leader is COMPASSIONATE. When a butterfly turns into adult, it will help serve its purpose to pollination and finds a mate to be able to continue the cycle. Leaders must know his people’s strengths to be able to genuinely help and serve them. Great leaders inspire people to be a great version of themselves to contribute to change in our nation.

11:38 am
After a couple of hours, I went back to our room, apologized for my actionsand sat down with my fellow officers to talk and take the next action for the task. The brief encounter with the cocoon changed my thinking.
Sometimes, we are mistaken as the impatient instant youth but with the right mentors we might be the next great leaders

Leading the Filipinos,

Equipping ourselves,

Attempting great things,

Dreaming for our country,

Empowering ourselves and

Reviving this nation.

I knew I need to be the first to change to effect change in others.

Author: Kim Angelo P. Umayam

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