China, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Russia, and the United States of America. All of these countries are different from one another but at the same time are similar. What’s similar about these countries is not their success but the length of time they are successful. These countries are boasting in things like their economy, education, technology and many more. So what about the Philippines, why is it in this state? The Philippines was once a top nation in Asia but now is nowhere near its former glory. Are our present leaders nothing compared to the leaders we had in the past? If so, then how come Jose P. Rizal said that the children hold this countries’ future?

In the past few years, the Philippines has been slowly fixing itself through the previous administrations but I, a Filipino Citizen and a student, know that it’s not working out. The value of peso is decreasing, the Philippine debt is increasing, more and more dangerous problems arise and many more bad things are happening to our country and we can’t do a thing about it. Let’s accept it, all of these problems will not be fixed anywhere near now. Our leaders today are doing everything they can to solve these problems but what are we, the youth, doing about it? Complain, protest, rebel, criticize, and create more problems. We’re simply watching as our country, that our forefathers spilt blood for, fall.

Instead of watching and waiting, we should be actively participating in the endeavour to make our country a better place because after all, this is the place that we call home. We, the youth, have so much potential, we have so much time. We are both the future leaders and the hope of this country. If our fathers and their fathers before them couldn’t turn the tides of fate then it is the job of their young to finish their work. A true leader doesn’t wait for someone else to do the task, a true leader begins the task. Instead becoming lefties or joining rebel camps, we should try to understand what our country is going through. Instead of wasting your time away in front of you computers, scrolling down your Facebook or Twitter account, try studying hard. Instead of watching aimlessly in your television, watch the news to get yourself informed. Instead of turning a blind eye on the obvious corruption, speak up and let your voice be heard. By wasting your time doing unproductive things, you are contributing to the destruction of this country and is wasting the chance to discover yourself as a leader.

We, the youth, is the best hope of this country to become glorious once again. It is our right and duty to lead our countrymen to the Promised Land. It is the will of our ancestors that our country became what it is then. And it will be our lead today that is going to make our home a prosperous land.

Author: Kent Carl Benjo Gener