The National Hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal, believed that the youth would be the hope of the future, well he wasn’t wrong. The youth of this world are capable of great things whether they are good or bad, it is not my place to decide what the whole world shall see or think, but it is my place to decide what I believe and that is that what we are capable of can truly make a difference and it kills me to know that the youth of this world slowly succumb into the cruel and dark worlds bitter desires.

As children we had a vision to change the world, everything was a game, and we never had a care about what everyone else thought. The smiles that were filled with joy and hope held a hidden promise of making a difference in the world. We believed that we could make a change, make the world a better place, but as we grew older we saw the world as it is, dark yet beautiful. It felt like we were lost and though we had our voices we couldn’t make a sound. We were bound by the chains of society and what the people in the world deemed acceptable, so we raged and burned until we became ashes and from those ashes we rose, free from everything that held us back in the first place.

We led armies and fought battles, we’ve been accused for faults not that of our own, we’ve been beaten, battered and bruised, and yet we brave on. Our scars whether they be the ones we can see or not, tell so many stories, from our clumsiness to our reckless deeds, to our fallen battles and broken promises, they help us remember. Remember that if we can face all of this then we can surely lead this world and the people in it, lead them to a place where peace can reign for eternity, where everything we’ve ever hoped for could be, where we could right the wrongs without becoming what we fear nor despise.

Paradise, Heaven or Utopia for us youths mean something else from what everyone else thinks. Yes we want peace, yes we want to live in a place where fear and war cannot crawl into our hearts and brings us to despair and yes we want Utopia but not in the way you want it. We don’t want everyone to be alike, we know that we are each unique and special, and there is nothing more that we want to keep that alive. No more Tyranny, Cruelty, Injustice, and following blindly. Justice, Freedom, Hope, Love, and Wisdom for all. And we know for this to be possible we must take matters in to our own hands.

For all the youths out there, Filipino or not, you can make a difference. Lead on and be humble though heavy is the head that wears the crown. A message to the next “Filipino” Leader from Anonymous.

Author: Sydney Villaroel

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