In the classroom, we all have our own system of politics. The dynamic of the class officers and the “normal” members of the classroom are well known. Often, we vote for the people we know: our friends. But what happens when we erase all of that. Let’s say it’s the first day of school: You’re new. Everyone’s new. What now? Who will you vote? Will you vote for the ones who look “most likely” nice? Or will you go and vote yourself?

In the sea of people of the classroom, it’s easy to get lost and depend on other “more popular” people. We forget, that in the end of the day, we are all the same. We stand in the same ground and follow the same rules.We are reliant and easy to depend on the people that we feel can shoulder the burden of leadership, which I tell you, is not easy.

Leadership isn’t just dilly-dallying. It is a big responsibility for anyone who is entrusted with such tasks. It isn’t just about barking orders and making your own rules to suit your own agenda. It’s all about trust and respect between you as the leader and the people who follow you.

However, most of the times, we disregard what leadership is all about. We let our friendly ties and other non-related factors influence our judgment and choices. This can also be seen in society. The people will vote who is popular, whom they know, whom they see most often. They often forget that we should be judging and voting these people on the basis of their character, not by their extravaganza.

Back to the classroom, and to the election of the class officers. The person in charge is still roaming its eyes for that lone hand that will rise to the occasion. Now, are you ready to raise your hand and stand to be the next leader? Are you ready to be the next Filipino Leader?

Author: Sharyl Dela Cruz


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