The word leader impresses a tough impression. Most of the time it conveys challenge and sometimes burden. Being a leader is a big responsibility. One must undergo several hardships and numerous defiance to perform good leadership. A great leader must have guiding rules and principles that should be followed not only for his or her own interest but for what is good for his or her constituents.

I believed that good leadership is founded by surpassed challenges and collected triumphs. I started to be a good follower by obeying set rules. When I was in my pre-school years, my parents used to give me duties that really challenged me. I remember I was trained to pray before eating meals. My mother taught me to give thanks to the Lord for whatever we had on our table. I actually asked myself if the level or number of thanks defends upon how delicious our meal was and that made her laugh so hard. She also imposed me to do first my homework in school before I give myself some relaxation. It was a routine for me to check my notebook and every stuff about school, then have it reported to my very patient mother. She had set standards for my education. And these standards I had obeyed were factors for me to become a leader for myself. I believe that this is a vital element of becoming a leader, the training of our parents from childhood to maturity. Their support was indeed a part for the firm foundation of our personality and leadership.

Challenges in a way is also a reason to develop the sense of leadership because these will make a person strong and solid. In many life stories of successful leaders revealed occurrences in their life that reflected true difficult times that were overcame. The bible verse states that blessed are those who are meek for they will inherit the kingdom of heaven, blessed are the humble in heart for they will receive the promises of the Lord. True leaders had undergone difficult times.

There were instances in my life when I had to endure days without allowances, I had to tolerate my severe hunger and drink only water for my snacks while watching my classmates enjoying their yummy snacks. It brought me to tears and cry secretly. I don’t let anybody know about it instead I stand firm. I thought that it was only a nightmare, and when I woke up it will be over.

People around as inspiration were also a portion for a good leadership. Because of their life testimony, we will have the chance to imitate their life pattern in sense of mastery. I am very fond of reading journals of people who had experience consequences. These stories unclasped my heart to not be dismayed in life though at times it’s hard. These stories unwrapped dreams and hopes that I am able to have a prosperous and productive life as a leader

As a Filipino, I understand that our nation needs a leader with a young, fresh mind set whose aim is for the betterment of our society. The victory of our nation lies on the modern tactics and great desire of our young leaders. And I’m proud to consider myself as one!

Author: Billy Joe Concepcion