Since I was a kid, I always think about from adults saying that our country’s future and hope are in the hands of its youths. And with that, I came to realize that I am one who is endowed to make that difference – in the living ways of every Filipino and somehow to make Philippines progressive if given the chance to do so.

But, how is it possible, if the youths of today seem to be lost with their actions and behaviors are which is contrast from what a Filipino leader should behave and act.

As I observed, a lot of Filipino youths have been misguided on their ways. For instance, some youths were not able to finish their studies because of poverty and at times rebellion to their parents. In addition with, at a very young age some had already been married and got pregnant as well. Moreover, others became involved in different crimes and the worst engage with illegal drugs.

Considering these scenarios, this nation seemed to lose hope on today’s youth. Old-aged people often said that this generation seems to be a huge disappointment and they even compared their situation when they were at the age as we are today.

However, as a youth of this country, I can say that hope is still reflected on us. We, as one of the youths could perhaps, may still have that chance to correct the mistakes of our lineage and be a leader that our country needs. We just have to empower ourselves to be good citizens of this country and we need to have the encouragement to face the world we are in.

Furthermore, we also need someone to tell what we have to do to correct our mistakes and not someone who will just point it out. We need someone who will guide and encourage us to be better citizens of the country, who can lead and teach us how to be a good leader someday.

I personally believe that if we want change, we must start within and enable ourselves to be guided by others as well. So, as future leaders, we must set as examples and be good followers to everyone not only by words but also by actions.Moreover, youths must also allow themselves to be guided by God with what we should do so that we will be able to know how to do it well and to avoid the mistakes done by some present leaders.

Being a leader does not literally mean you have to be good in everything. You just need to trust someone who will believe that you can. With that, I do know that even the delinquents, who missed the right to education and those who were misguided with their paths will somehow, could be a great leader someday. Be assigned as a future leader of this country is not just a position assigned by somebody but it is an action and a responsibility that everyone should put into spirit.