The arrival of the Millennials in the workforce is changing traditional workplace culture. They have diversified the workplace more than ever and have brought new ways of communicating and getting things done.

Generation Y’s modern approach to delivering their work has shaken the older generations and their traditional approaches. This made way to issues like the acquisition of talents, obedience, and alignment of leadership.

In a time of multi-generational confusion in the workplace, how does one company cater to its new breed of employees? Dun and Brandstreet Information Services India listed the best Human Resources Practices for 2017 and we hand-picked the methods that will be most applicable to Generation Y.

The following are examples of best practices when it comes to the ways to manage Millennials:


Provide opportunities for growth and personal development

A. L’Oreal’s Youth Voice Program– L’Oreal has been sending its best employees aged 30 and below to an annual youth conference called One Young World. This conference aims to help make leaders out of its young participants and to help them to find their place in the workforce.

In 2014, an Indian L’Oreal representative to One Young World came up with an output called: Youth Voice. Since its inception, this project has been used by L’Oreal to mobilize its young employees to “contribute to a sustainable, digital, and purpose-driven” company.

B. Omega’s First Time Leaders Program– First Time Leaders is Omega’s way of providing “internal growth opportunities” for employees. This program offers leadership development to frontline staff to prepare them for bigger roles in the company.

First Time Leaders is divided into three phases, namely: 1) the Connect Phase where participants are briefed on the emotional aspects of leadership; 2) the Lead Phase where they are equipped with leadership tools; and 3) the Transform Phase where they are taught on how to make high-performing teams out of ordinary ones.


Provide a sense of purpose and social relevance

TRL Krosaki Refractories’ CSR Projects– When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, TRL Krosaki Refractories is one of the companies with the most projects in India. One of their many CSR activities is their training program for the rural youth in Jharsuguda District.

TRL Krosaki Refractories partnered with multiple government and non-government organizations in order to provide trainings on skills development and entrepreneurship. While attending the program, the unemployed youth are provided with free food and accommodations.


Give enough time for work and play

A. Accelya’s E4 Program– Due to positive feedback to an employee engagement program designed for a small batch of workers, Accelya, an airlines and travel company, decided to run its E4 program for all of its employees.

E4 involves four processes, namely: 1) Enroll which is the hiring of the new employees; 2) E-process where the new employee is given all the supplementary materials related to his/her new job; 3) Engage where employees are subjected to recognition programs; and 4) Enhance where employees are sent to training programs in the form of seminars, sports activities, and wellness programs.

B. The Park Hotels’ Get-Set-Go Week– The Park Hotels dedicates one week every year for company-sponsored recreational activities for its employees. In a span of a week, called Get-Set-Go Week, employees are able to experience a variety of activities including: food festivals, sports competitions, health check-ups, community service activities, and talent shows.


Praise and recognize

Kirloskar’s Recognition Scheme– Due to employee feedback that they feel like their hard work is not being recognized, Kirloskar, a manufacturing company, decided to improve its recognition systems. As of the moment, Kirloskar has four recognition schemes, namely: 1) Star of the month; 2) Team reward; 3) Spontaneous reward; and 4) Kaizen reward.

These awards are supported by cash prizes and tokens. In addition, Kirloskar also makes sure to recognize the awardees by sending the announcement to individual e-mails.

You must first make your employees happy so they can make your customers happy. In the end, the key to managing Millennials is the same as managing people from any other generation. This key is to make genuine connections so as both employer and the employees can come up with sustainable, win-win workplace conditions.

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