When I was in 3rd grade, the smart ones are always the “”leader”” because they carry the whole group. The smart one always does the job and the others can just read the report just so they “”contributed”” something. As I entered 6th grade, leaders became less smart but more popular. How? Student officials are always the popular ones and rarely the capable ones. Sure they can do something for the student body, but it is not sufficient to create an astounding impact. And that’s when in dawned on me: leadership is more than just a pretty face and a popular name.

Now in High School, it is more of the combination of the two classifications of what I mentioned. You need to be smart and also known in class. Why? Because a) the smart ones are expected to. They should be the leaders because who else is it going to be? and: b) the leader should be known because he or she would carry the group because everyone else knows her externally. It would create a name for the group. It would be easier to alleviate the mishaps and shortcomings of your point.

And it becomes cyclic.

News report shows that a lawyer, who is an intellectual but turns out to be the embodiment of rape jokes and ad hominem, is elected President.

News reports show hundreds to thousands of murders without specified motives behind them. Funny enough, these victims are also crime offenders! It must be a justification to kill a suspect without due process, yes? Murder used to be seen as a horrific crime – a crime looked down upon many and if these commoners have the power, they would want a murderer excommunicated in an instant.

But, hey, it’s 2017. 2017 – The year where murders turn into norm.

For all I know, the next Filipino leader should not be a replica of the persons – not humans – sitting on the thrones and bearing those positions.

“Persons” and not “humans” because it takes a human to become humane.

Humane (adj.)
Marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans.

How dare we, the Filipinos, sit comfortably and let violence and death take over? How can these people reign over us do such inhumane acts that are even worse that what animals can do?

For the next Filipino leader, he or she should not forget the Oath he or she has sworn into. Leadership is more than intelligence. It is motivating your subordinates to do what is morally right and just and the rest would come naturally.

Leaders should know the Law. Ignorance is not an excuse. These current leaders of ours swore to an oath to preserve and defends its Constitution. With what these people let on happen, it’s a shame that we have already violated the very first line of the Constitution’s Preamble.

We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society…

Author: Irene Dominique Pascual

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