In an era of globalization, you can expect the competition to be cut throat. Corporations would often use the fastest and most efficient methods to select and retain the best talents.

A scene in the movie The Devil Wears Prada demonstrates this really well. Anne Hathaway tried to apply for a fashion magazine but was not dressed to play the part. In turn, Editor-in-chief Meryl Streep did not even take a minute to decide to refuse her application. However, Hathaway was assertive enough to put forward her skills and qualifications despite the hirer’s prejudice. This led her to get the job she applied for.

Assertiveness can definitely take a person a long way. Most people, especially Filipinos, just don’t have the guts to assert their ideas and rights.

How assertive are you? Take this quiz to find out:


1. You have to pick up a document but the building’s security guard didn’t let you in because you didn’t have an ID with you. You would:

A. Quietly leave and just come back next time.
B. Insist that you’re a valued client and threaten the guard that you’ll report him if he doesn’t let you in.
C. Calmly ask the guard to call a representative from the building to confirm your identity.


2. You’re already running late so you take a taxi cab to work but you’re second in line. You would:

A. Patiently wait for your turn.
B. Act impatient and take the cab ahead of the person who came before you.
C. Call the attention of the person and explain that you need to take the cab first because you’re already late.


3. You check your bank account balance and realize that the salary deposited by your company was Php2000 short. You would:

A. Just let it go because the HR looked so busy.
B. Barge into the HR’s office, indicate how you’ve been cheated on, and demand the proper amount.
C. Pay a visit to the HR’s office and politely ask for the month’s computation of your salary.


4. You’re in the middle of finishing an urgent report and your supervisor asks you to run some errands. You would:

A. Run the errands given then cram your report later on.
B. Complain and tell your supervisor to ask someone else to run the errands.
C. Ask your supervisor if you can run the errands after you finish your report.


5. You’re in the middle of a brainstorming session when your friend called. You take the call outside and your friend starts crying because she fought with her partner. You would:

A. Stay on the line and listen to her talk to make her feel better.
B. Tell your friend that you’re busy and that she should stop pestering you then drop the call.
C. Explain to your friend that you’re at work and that you will talk to her once the meeting is done.


6. Your manager gave you a project due in two weeks. However, he asked for your finished output after only a week. You would:

A. Try to finish your half-done project as soon as possible.
B. Complain and argue that you still have a week left.
C. Show your manager the deadline indicated in his project request and explain that you need the whole project duration to finish the project.


7. You suspect your office mates to be gossiping about you behind your back. You would:

A. Just shrug it off.
B. Confront your office mates in public.
C. Clarify the misunderstandings by speaking to them in private.


8. A team member didn’t show up in an important group meeting. He didn’t give any explanation the next day. You would:

A. Let it slide.
B. Call him mean names and gossip about him with your other team mates.
C. Ask him why he didn’t show up and remind him to inform you beforehand next time.


9. You’ve just finished presenting a report and a colleague asks a question that is not included in your report. You would:

A. Say that you don’t know the answer.
B. Call out your colleague for asking a question that’s not part of your report.
C. Thank him for his question and say that you’ll look into it.


10. You hired a repair company to check on your office printer with a written quotation given beforehand. After your printer was fixed, you were billed with a bigger amount than what was written in the quotation. You would:

A. Pay the bill, assuming that the printer needed extra repairing.
B. Refuse to pay the bill and call the representative’s manager to complain.
C. Explain the services that you asked for, as indicated in the quotation, and insist that you only pay that amount.





     Mostly As

Your results suggest that you have a passive communication style. You might want to reassess your rights, wants, and preferences so you can express them for others to know. You must keep in mind that your opinions are as valuable as everyone else’s.


     Mostly Bs

Your results suggest that you have an aggressive communication style. You tend to interrupt when someone else is speaking and insist your opinion to other people. When interacting with others, it will be best to let other people speak first and listen to what they have to say. Try to keep yourself calm and put yourself in other people’s shoes.


     Mostly Cs

Your results suggest that you have an assertive communication style. However, this behavior still varies per situation. Try to take note of the situations when you’re the most assertive and try to use the same behavior towards situations where you feel inferior or threatened.


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