Teams are created to solve problems and to make the most of opportunities. They expect to face challenges. But the biggest challenge is the stormy stage of team building.

Storming Stage: This is second stage in the team development process. It is marked by conflicts and disagreements often due to the differences in experiences and backgrounds of team members.

Members tend to do things independent of the others as they are more focused on the small details rather than the big picture. This often results to a competition for influence and power.

As in any team in this stage, this problem stems from the lack of trust and respect among team members. It takes time to develop respect and trust. Team members are still trying to sort through their feelings of superiority and inadequacy. They are still trying to grasp the idea that their team is one huge puzzle that is made up of many different pieces. And they are just one of the pieces, and each piece holds equal importance in the achievement of the team’s goals.

Now, in order to address this issue, the team needs to decide on the style of leadership that will work for them.

They also need to select the decision-making methodology that will help bring in great results for the team.

It is important to note that encouraging members to practice tolerance and patience will greatly help move things forward.

Leaders can start bringing the team together by defining the culture that they want to adapt, including the communication strategy that they wish to utilize. Ultimately, their aim should be to set clear goals for their team and to define the roles that each member should take to achieve these goals. Members must learn how to harmonize their intentions.