According to the Entrepreneur Network, one of the smartest ways to invest your company’s money is to spend it on the development of your employees. Providing learning and development opportunities for your employees not only foster their skills and productivity—they also get the feeling that they are valued, thus, the lower the chances of them resigning and the higher the urge to give back to the company.

Forbes confirmed the above said claim. As stated in one of the issues of the business magazine, one of the top ways to sustain business growth is to have the best talents. Does this mean you have to hire new and better employees? Unfortunately, the Huffington Post gave a comprehensive breakdown of turnover cost and they found out that it costs big time. So what better choice is there but to invest in your existing pool of talent?

Moreover, the secret to company success, as claimed by USA Today, is investing in your company’s unique assets. This can give you leverage, produce products, and deliver services that cannot be done or be found in other companies. And what can be more unique than your work force? Surely, no other company can have the same employees like yours.

We’ve established the importance of investing in people development. But what can you really get in return from your investment? Here we’ll enumerate the four main benefits of sending your employees to trainings and seminars:

  1. Experiential Learning– A lot of seminars follow the classroom way of teaching where the speaker does all the talking and the participants are left to sit and listen all day. However, seminars that offer an engaging learning process guarantee longer retention of knowledge and skills acquired for a more sustainable application in your workplace.
  2. Network Expansion– Seminars cater to companies and professionals from different fields all across Asia. This opens  your company to opportunities for new business partnerships and expansion in target market.
  3. Real Time Consultation– Seminars are facilitated by the country’s top leaders, influencers and innovators. This gives your employees the chance to personally consult your business queries and receive immediate feedback.
  4. Firsthand Updates– The newest learning methods and development hacks are used by seminar facilitators. Having this advantage ensures to take you steps ahead of your competitors.

Invest in Your Employees!

Send your employees to Fourth Quarter Seminars to Prepare Them for 2018


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