Stress is a common situation at work. It is so common that people usually dismiss warning signs as part of their normal daily routine. It is important to note which habits signal an alarming tension in your life so it can be addressed accordingly.

1. Feeling tired even after doing nothing or after having enough sleep

Being physically tired due to too much work is one thing, being tired psychologically is another. Psychological tiredness is far harder to deal with for it cannot be treated by a simple break from work. This is often caused by anxiety due to numerous reasons: it could be due to insecurity, risk of termination, discrimination, or harassment in the workplace.

2. Feeling indescribable fatigue, constant headache, muscle and/or chest pain

Mental stress often manifests to physical pain. According to Dr. Susanne Babbel from Psychology Today, “the more anxious and stressed people are, the more tense and constricted their muscles are, over time causing the muscles to become fatigued and inefficient”.

3. Often forgetting simple but significant events like birthdays and anniversaries

It might be a common reaction to feel stupid whenever you forget dates or misplace your keys, but recent studies actually show that stress directly affects memory loss. Fortunately, sharp memory can be recovered when stress is avoided. However, if neglected, too much exposure to stress can cause permanent memory lost.

4. Increasing consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, or comfort food

Stress eating, drinking, or smoking is more than just an issue of discipline. Craving such habits is one of the human body’s way of relaxing. However, though stress eating, drinking, and smoking can provide momentary comfort, it can result to serious health issues in the long run.

5. Feeling easily irritated, upset, or angry

Being sensitive is one of the most easily identifiable signs of stress. This can cause mood swings that can range from being cheerful to grumpy in a short period of time. Among the five warning signs of chronic stress, sensitivity is
the lead cause of tension in the work place.

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