I’m now living in a world where everything is much more convenient and innovative than what it was before, but it’s pretty way off, like everything has changed and wealth classified us. We’re living in a world where people or mostly girls cannot walk down the street without feeling violated, where kids think of snatching as their only way to survive, where respect is being gained by how famous you are on social media, where the Filipino people have the necessity to go abroad just to feed their family, and where people have to kill each other because of different beliefs and even out of the simplest things in life. This world is indeed a terrifying place to live in.

I grew up watching politicians making promises, but mostly ended up behind bars after being involved in drugs, syndicate, corruption and many more. Honestly, I didn’t care about all of them, until I became a high school student, until I saw the sufferings of our country and the people around me. That was how it all started, how I became inquisitive of everything. I started to look for reasons and answers to all my “why’s” and how it happened when all I did was blink.

“We don’t need a leader”, no, I don’t believe in that, because they are being mistaken if they think that they can change the world by themselves. This world doesn’t function like how it was back then, because if you’re going to look around, we’re now moving individually and not as one.

We need a leader who will remind us that we may be living in different countries, but still under the same sky. A person who will make the world an experience that wasn’t one-sided and fought alone. A person who will not hide his face after losing a battle, but is ready to show his wounds and still willing to make an attempt. We need a leader who will say “We can do it!” and inspire other to have a dream.

Being a leader even in the simplest thing is hard. Inside the classroom, your groupmates can chill and lay back, because they know that you’re there to complete the task and you will not let your group down. But once you’ve gotten a low grade, the blame is all on you, even though you didn’t even see them write a single letter as a contribution, and that’s what makes it even harder, that aside from the fact that they didn’t help you, they still managed to complain.

This experience of mine is just a simple representation of what is happening in our country right now. Instead of offering a hand to those who are in need, people nowadays will just stand around you telling you to stand up on your own.

That is why we need a leader who doesn’t have anything in his mind but to make a difference, a change. A person who’s not just a good listener, but is also a good follower that steps down to listen to his people. We need a leader who will not bury his head in the sand just like an ostrich wanting to escape.
E.M Kelly, a former pilot of the US Army’s Aeronautical Division, once said that there’s a big difference between a boss and a leader, because a boss says “go” while a leader says “let’s go”. We need someone like that, someone who’s willing to serve with humility.

We’re only living in a dream, yes, this is only a dream, and we need a leader who will wake us up from this nightmare and will make us realize that any superhero that we idolized when we were children is not going to save us when life changes and fate starts to crumple.

We tend to make wrong decisions that could affect our lives in the long run, that’s why we need a person who will help us grow and makes us aware of possibilities.

We badly need a leader who’s just like an owl that stays alert even at night and can rotate its head 360 degrees paying attention to everything and everyone. We need a leader who will forge our country in a fire for it to be more unbreakable than diamonds. We need a person like that, the next Filipino leader to be like that.

Author: Karylle Anne Cabuyao