Meetings That Really Work

Meetings that Really Work will equip leaders of organizations to plan, organize, and conduct productive meetings. It will include sessions on meeting preparation, agenda making, encouraging participation, and creating of steps for follow up. At the end of this...

Effective Delegation Seminars

Do you know how to delegate effectively? If not, this delegation workshop can help you. Learn simple strategies that will provide your people opportunities to learn new skills, improve self-esteem, and enhance promotability. Employ easy-to-master tactics that will...

Consultative Selling Seminar

Building Partnerships with Customers and Prospects Consultative selling is a powerful process for individuals in sales or marketing, for customer service representatives, and/or for anyone interested in developing successful business relationships. Consultative...

Change Management Seminars

Change Management seminars is for managers and supervisors who want to learn tools and techniques that canĀ aid them in successfully navigating through moments of change. Jef Menguin designed this seminar for leaders.

Coaching Skills Workshop

Coaching Skills for Leaders is for managers, trainers and supervisors gain the skills necessary for effectively teaching new skills to the employees. It will also include the development of competencies for employee coaching and support.

Career Planning Workshop

Career Planning Workshop is for adults who are currently reviewing their career options. Participants to this workshop will have hands-on opportunities to redesign their career. The program is designed by Jef Menguin.

Leaders in your organization must build executive leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision, and guides your entire team toward greater performance and productivity.

This three-day executive leadership learning program will help you master the crucial competencies of effective executive leadership.

By joining this masterclass, leaders will gain insights into the key executive leadership skills and techniques they need to create winning strategies. They’ll learn how to coach effectively and develop heightened emotional intelligence. They’ll become adaptive and will improve leadership performance by applying influence strategies.

More importantly, leaders will become more committed to professional growth. They’ll use practical tools that help them achieve their leadership development plan.

The masterclass is designed provide executive leadership learning for team leaders, ranging from midlevel managers to executives, who lead others with managerial responsibility. It will benefit executives who require strong decision-making skills and the ability to lead and motivate others.

We tapped workplace practitioneers to keep the program relevant, practical, engaging, and easy to implement. We also employ customer-centric approaches so you can bring this to your organization.

Before attending this masterclass, participants will assess their leadership skills and will learn the core leadership concepts we share in this masterclass.

We also offer you the opportunity to blend classroom learning with other learning platforms so your leaders will maximize learning opportunities.

Compass Center for Leadership

At the Compass Center for Leadership, you will partner with an Asian consulting company that brings together disciplined people who value disciplined thinking and disciplined execution. People who are socially-conscious and who make real change happen. We offer learning experiences for leaders that go beyond the traditional methods and mindsets.

We work with leaders so they can create, sustain, and scale results that really matter now and in the future.

We bring together thought leaders, industry practitioners, and human-centered facilitators to help you accelerate change in individuals, teams, organizations, and the society where we all live in.

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