Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The year 2016 has brought us many surprises. Here at the Compass  Center for Leadership*, we are looking forward to an amazing and positive 2017.

We are in a middle of Design Sprint. We are coming up with awesome team building experiences for our first clients in 2017. In fact, before writing this letter, I am exploring the many ways we can use the man-made lagoon to my right. Perhaps, teams can make a bamboo raft they can use to cross the lagoon. That exercise is better than the typical crossing the raging river activity.

My team is very excited in designing GamePlan365– our project for 2017 team building programs.

We are partnering with C-nergy Convention and Leisure here in Silang, Cavite. They have training facilities for seafarers.

The first time I saw this place, I knew at once that workplace professionals will have a team building experience they will not forget and cannot find anywhere else.

They have basic training facilities for simulation exercises in fire fighting, sea survival, and safety training. These are life skills of high practical value. The simulations will build both vicarious and actual experiences of team in action. And in the hands of able facilitator, a team will be able to recognize the breakthrough behaviours necessary for the team to succeed.

Integrating real-life experiences is 10x more effective than classroom training or random outdoor games. You know that.

I don’t have the vocabulary to describe everything that we can do here. It is always best to visit the place and explore the opportunities with us. Yes, I have just invited you.
Today, I want to share with you the four costliest mistakes in team building. I don’t want you to commit these mistakes in the future. It is to your best interest to continue reading.

Costliest Mistakes in Team Building

Mistake # 1: Play Works. Many facilitators become experts in making you play. I don’t know where they got the idea that all you need to build teamwork is to play a series of games. Millions of pesos every year are wasted.

This is because instead of clarifying measurable goals and identifying specific changes in team attitude and skills, managers pick facilitators based on their game-mastering ability.

Without clear measurable goals and target behavioral change, you will not be able to improve the performance of your team. Play is a tool. You pick it last, not first.

Mistake #2: No Measurable Goals. When designing team building programs, we examine the strengths of the team and of the organization. Based on their strengths, we find opportunities. We help teams rediscover their aspirations. Finally, we help them come up with indicators of success.

Yes, you can measure the results of your team building exercises. You can zero-in on your desired benefits. You can get a positive return on investment.
All activities before, during, and after your team building exercises must be aligned to your measurable goals.

Next time you work with a facilitator, ask how you can use your team building to 1) improve personal excellence, 2) build relationships, 3) delight your customers, 4) increase your sales, or 5) create innovative products.

Mistake #3: They Do Not Have Focus. Design team building exercises that will provide participants exposure to and deliberate practice of specific behaviors.

Many team building exercises are canned for everyone – and usually serve no one. Pick three to four specific behaviors that will help your team 1) improve themselves, 2) build relationships, 3) delight customers, 4) increase your sales, or 5) teach you how to become more creative and innovative.

Mistake #4: No Follow-through. Most team building programs do not have follow-through sessions after the team building event. Participants talk about the happy moments they had together. Back to the “real-world”, they’ll be back to the old ways.

Follow-through. Overwhelm the status quo so that your team will develop the strength to adapt the new behaviors you introduced during the team building exercises. Make your team building a real-world experience.

In my next posts, I will be sharing with you specific steps that can create breakthroughs in team performance.

Build your team. Change the world.

Jef Menguin


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