To Delegate or Not? A Guide to Effective Work Delegation

Managers are responsible for handling not only the smooth operations of the company but the well-being of its people as well. This is why managers have so much on their plates. Sam Lloyd shares a secret about managers that makes them effective in their jobs. According...

Managing Millennials: Best Human Resources Practices

The arrival of the Millennials in the workforce is changing traditional workplace culture. They have diversified the workplace more than ever and have brought new ways of communicating and getting things done. Generation Y’s modern approach to delivering their work...

Top Three People Handling Skills Every Manager Must Have

Eighteen years ago, all organizations follow a hierarchical structure. All information comes from top to bottom. If an employee from a lower tier has something to submit or propose, his/her request will have to be checked and approved my numerous leaders before it can...

3 Barriers that Stop You from Being Assertive

A lot of tips and tricks are available online but only you can help yourself speak up for yourself. You may know the techniques, or you may know the steps. But are you able to apply them? If yes, then good for you. If no, then why not? First off, it’s perfectly normal...

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