Wars were on fleek. Our country is in chaos. There’s an absence of peace and humanity as everybody wants to rule. Aspirant leaders are eager to take the throne- the throne that can change one’s life, the country, the world. But as we look deeper on the actual event, we can totally conclude that our own country is in help. Deaths are everywhere. Recently, there were news about countless crimes which frighten people. Innocents were killed. Civilians were in danger. Children stop from schooling and prefer to stay in their houses. Are we aware of these events? Do we really have to go this far? Do you even care for them?

Philippines is a democratic country – free, independent, and equal. It belongs to every Filpino citizen not just only to the leader who’s ruling it. I believe that there’s only one chance left for us to make a change. But the question now is who can help us? Honestly, the answer is our own little selves. We can save other lives if start saving ours. We can make a change if we start doing it on ourselves. Children, as we grow up, we should learn how significant our duties are and take them seriously because we were known by a famous quote “Ang kabataan ang pag- asa ng bayan”. With the help of our innocent minds and hearts, we can definitely conquer every challenge and win every battle. Remember, every leader in the past, present and in the future started being a child. So parents, teachers, and adult, the future leader is in your hands. You should start educating them well, show them all the beauty they possess inside, and prepare them for the near future

We need a wise leader, one who is confident enough to do whatever it takes. Choosing someone to rule over us is a serious thing so let’s all be wise on our choices. Everyone can be a leader but the choice still falls in our hands. Our chosen leader can change our lives, our country, and the world as a whole. Make a right decision if you do not want to face those consequences of wrong decisions you create. The thing is not always just about the leader himself. The matter is how good he is in governing his people. Let us all join forces to ensure the future of our beloved country- the Philippines. Be an aspirant leader and make a change. Yet always keep in minds that we ourselves are the rulers of our own kingdom.

By Clark Jimuel Gacer